Could the Opioid Crisis of Today Been Avoided?

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Legislation has recently been passed by the Congress and signed by the President regarding our opioid crisis, which has been called the health crisis of our times. The book I’ve written involves a history of opium usage and treatment in the United States dating from more than 100 years ago. The book also deals with […]

The Loss of PC 814

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This letter has recently been provided to me by the son of Arnold Goldstein. It documents the demise of PC 814 in the great typhoon that struck Okinawa on October 9, 1945. The letter is written peer to peer as Arnold was a former commanding officer of Lt. Paul W. Neidhardt on PC 1172. 23 […]

Charles Towns and Drugs In Prison

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In mid-February, 2016, 46 prison guards from nine different prisons were arrested in Georgia. The charges related to illegal drugs being purchased, distributed  and produced by prisoners. Charles B. Towns, in the book Habits That Handicap published in 1915, predicted that drugs in American prisons would omnipresent. He believed that if the craving for drugs by prisoners […]

Charles Towns 1945 Letter to Bill Wilson

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Charles Towns wrote a fascinating letter to Bill Wilson on October 4, 1945. He claims to have been the originator of the need for Bill’s small group of drunks to write a book that would document their movement. The letter was written on Towns Hospital stationary to Bill Wilson at 415 Lexington Avenue in New […]

Dr William J. Robinson

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Dr William J. Robinson was the editor of the MEDICAL REVIEW OF REVIEWS, which was a very prominent medical magazine founded in 1895. Charles Barnes Towns was hired in early 1916 to write a “Drug Addictions and Alcoholism” column even though Towns had but an eighth-grade education. The reputation of Towns Hospital and the Towns […]

Alcoholism – Laymen Join Science to Cure It

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The American Weekly magazine published an article on July 25, 1943 titled ‘Alcoholism – Laymen Join Science to Cure It’ written by Genevieve Parkhurst (couldn’t possibly be a relative of Hank, could it?). I suspect that the article I have is the third in a series, for underneath the name of Genevieve Parkhurst is CHAPTER […]

The Solon of Narcotics

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Some called him “an undisputed king, or perhaps emperor, so magnificent were his accomplishments.” Another called him a “Solon of Narcotics.” A prominent Boston doctor said he was “one of the most persuasive and dominating personalities in the world.” Towns achieved a national and even international prominence. Towns believed that the nation had the opportunity […]