Bobbie B. in the Grapevine

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[Editor Note: These AA Grapevine articles were written about the “Forgotten Fantastic Communicator,” who is described most recently on this web site. As thousands of AAs owe their sobriety to her, logic and compassion seem together to dictate that she deserves to be remembered with honor for giving her life to the fellowship so that […]

The Fantastic Forgotten Communicator

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Many are familiar with the early beginnings of AA and the start of the little office in New York. Bill W. and Ruth Hock became the heart and soul of the AA Headquarters, which later became the General Service Office (GSO).  During this pioneering time, there was a third significant contributor in that office. Bill W. […]

Visits Federal Pen on Different Mission

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Atlanta Journal, MORGAN BLAKE – March 25, 1945 Visits Federal Pen on Different Mission SUNDAY MORNING at 6:30 this columnist arose with the dawn. It was the earliest since Al Martin used to get me up before day to go fishing. The purpose of this unusual proceeding was to visit the Federal Penitentiary for a […]

A.A.’s Casting Their Nets

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It was typical of many Morgan Blake columns to contain multiple subjects within the same column. The first two sections involved World War II. The discussion of Alcoholics Anonymous begins afterwards. Atlanta Journal, MORGAN BLAKE, January 2, 1945 Hard-Boiled Hermann’s Proclamation IT IS our duty and our task in the coming year to carry war gain into the […]

Charles Towns 1945 Letter to Bill Wilson

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Charles Towns wrote a fascinating letter to Bill Wilson on October 4, 1945. He claims to have been the originator of the need for Bill’s small group of drunks to write a book that would document their movement. The letter was written on Towns Hospital stationary to Bill Wilson at 415 Lexington Avenue in New […]