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Dr William J. Robinson was the editor of the MEDICAL REVIEW OF REVIEWS, which was a very prominent medical magazine founded in 1895. Charles Barnes Towns was hired in early 1916 to write a “Drug Addictions and Alcoholism” column even though Towns had but an eighth-grade education. The reputation of Towns Hospital and the Towns Treatment had gained Charles Towns access to the top of the medical community in the country.

Dr. Robinson was an accomplished author in his own right. The image associated with this article comes from the title page of his book Treatment of Sexual Impotence. Robinson listed his medical credentials beneath his name for which he was apparently very proud.

“Chief of the Department of Genito-Urinary Diseases and Dermatology, Bronx Hospital and Dispensary; Editor of the American Journal of Urology, venereal and Sexual Diseases; Editor and Founder of the Critic and Guide; Author of Sexual Problems of Today; Never Told Tales; Practical Eugenics, etc., President of the Northern Medical Society. Ex-president of the Berlin Anglo-American Medical Society, Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, Member of American Medical Editors’ Association, American Medical Association, New York State Medical Society, Medical Society of the County of New York, American Urological Association, Harlem Medical Association, Society for Moral and Sanitary Prophylaxis, etc. etc.”

The purpose of including this information on Dr. Robinson is to provide additional background to the colleagues that Charles Barnes Towns had earned by his reputation of knowing more about successful alcoholism and addiction treatment than virtually anyone. While doctors claimed a variety of sophisticated expertise, the vast majority had no clue of what to do with addicts or alcoholics. Many extremely prominent doctors of the time turned to Towns and believe that he had the best solution in the world.